Youm-e-Shuda can become a Revolution Day, threatens Qadri

LAHORE: Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief Tahirul Qadri has accursed the Govt. to break the rules of freedom and privacy by claiming that many of his party workers are facing a hard time in Punjab, Aaj News reported.

Tahirul Qadri, while speaking to the media late night on Wednesday claimed that many of his party worker across Punjab are facing a hard time here because of the Govt. Many of them are arrested or are being brutally tortured.

Qadri while giving his speech threatened the Govt. officials that if these things continued on the same pace, Youm-e-Shuda could turn into a Revolution Day. ‘I am not scared of being detained, I would happily accept martyrdom’, said Qadri.

Qadri demanded an immediate release of his arrested party workers and also added to stop the brutal torture on them.