Roads inundated with rain water, filth hamper traffic flow in the city

KARACHI: Karachi cites resuming their routine life following a long spell of holidays on Monday faced grave difficulties due to inundated thoroughfares and heaps of garbage scattered on thoroughfares hence affecting the traffic flow in different parts of the city.

Talking to APP they opined that city government in place could had been helpful in handling the situation on urgent basis as it would not only be answerable to the people but also easily accessible.

Jaffar Naqvi, a resident of North Karachi complained that a ditch filled with filthy water on Business Recorder Road, near the Lasbella signal light, had caused a traffic jam hence making many of the office goers late to reach their respective offices.

“It was extremely painful to witness rubbish of all sorts scattered in Gulbahar sanitary mart located a little below Lasbella bridge, that connected traffic flow from New Karachi, North Karachi,North Nazimabad and Nazimabad to Garden area and Saddar,” he said.

Mohammad Usman, a resident from Gulshan e Iqbal said rain water in low lying area around Empress Market coupled with unattended garbage not only caused and intolerable stench but also hampered traffic flow.

“On top of it most of the signal lights were out of order hence turning the traffic flow all the more messed-up,” he said. Asfhar Ali Merchant, a resident of Garden East also one of the sufferers said it was high time that not only officials at every level realize their responsibilities towards the citizens but the latter too develop a sense ownership towards the metropolis.

“We have our stakes here hence must make concerted efforts to not only develop civic sense in our ranks but also play our role in making the city livable and environment friendly,” he said.

Source : APP