Pakistan loses heavily due to non branding of its products

KARACHI: Pakistan is losing millions of dollars due to non-branding and non-registration of many of its products consequently leading to non-appropriated prices in the international market.

This anomaly is largely benefitting the competitive countries fetching much high rates for similar branded and registered products exported by Pakistan, said President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FPCCI), Zakaria Usman.

Addressing a meeting of the Chamber’s Standing Committee on Anti Fake Products and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), he said registration and brand recognition is extremely important in the international markets during customs clearance.

“We should take help from the developed countries for branding our products so that we can be able to get a good price of our products,” he said. the FPCCI

The meeting that was specially attended by Director General of IPR in FBR, Ms. Rubina, was arranged to brief the business community about the work in progress on IPR in FBR for the facilitation to the business community.

The IPR’s DG accompanied by Ibrahim Baghio, Director IPR Cell in FBR, informed the participants that IPR Cell in FBR is yet to be operational and that suggestions and guidelines are being sought from the real stakeholders including FPCCI and other chambers and trade associations.

She further said that the international rules on IPR for trade and customs are under study and these rules will be finalized after making changes as per the country’s requirement, in close coordination and assistance of Intellectual Property Organization (IPO).

The DG – IPR also referred to customs related issues of IPR.Engr. M. A. Jabbar of FPCCI suggested that IPR Cell need to draft rules and regulations and share it not only with IPO, Islamabad but also with the business community for necessary suggestions and recommendations.

He said that an organizational setup of IPR was also very important and proposed for establishment of an advisory board, under the umbrella of FPCCI comprising of prominent businessmen, exporters, lawyers, officials from PSQCA and IPO.

Moreover, the Customs Department may also enhance their database related to registered and branded products so that such businessmen can be facilitated and others be encouraged to get themselves registered.

The meeting was also attended by Senior Vice President of FPCCI,Shaukat Ahmed, Chairman of the FPCCI’s Anti Fake Products Committee,Hafiz Bilal Amin, Saqib Fayyaz Maggo and others.