Oscar winning Robin Williams found dead in his California house

-File photo

Oscar winning actor and a comic, Robin William, 63 was found dead in his California home on Monday, a possible suicide claimed the investigators.

According to the claims of the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, William was found in an unconscious state from his house, as well as medical assistants claimed that he was not breathing. At around local time in noon, Robin William was pronounced dead.

After claiming his deceasing statement, the sheriff’s released a press release, in which they disclosed his full name Robin McLaurin Williams. In the following press release the sheriff’s confirmed the death of Robin William and claimed his death to be a suicidal attempt made by asphyxia (death by hanging).

Meanwhile, the sheriff’s also claimed that the detailed investigating has been started in the following case and the final determination will be made on the basis of a complete and detailed autopsy report which is to take place on Tuesday.

The news of Robin’s death has shocked the Hollywood Industry and the nation. All the social media apps including Facebook and Twitter are full of grieving comments and tweets on such a great loss.