Long Marches, sit-ins adversaly affected economy

ISLMABAD: The SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Saturday said that the long marches of PAT and PTI followed by sit-ins, have altogether adversely affected national economy.

This have somehow caused financial loss to the tune of $10 billion to private sector besides hampering direct foreign investment.

Vice President SAARC CCI Pak chapter Ifitkar Ali Malik while talking to APP said that Azadi and Inqlab Marches were adversely affecting the national economy as wave of current political unrest will affect the flow of foreign investment as well as initiatives for mega projects meant to further strengthen national economy.

It seems that none of them realise the adverse impact on economic growth of these marches, he added.

He said thousands of factories have altogether been closed down in the wake of volatile political situation in the country.

Expressing concern over current political impasse, he said the national economy had been suffering badly for the last one month which was not being noticed by the top leadership of PTI and PAT.

He said that it was high time for all political parties, especially the opposition, to resolve political issues and differences strictly in accordance with democratic values by holding parleys in the larger national interests.

Iftikhar said that President Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zakaria Usman,Trade Development Authority Pakistan Chief Executive S.M.Munir and all other affiliated chambers had taken strong exception to long marches which have been inflicting losses to industry.

He said “The entire business community irrespective of any political affiliation, always attaches importance to supreme national interest over petty personal interest”.

He said that Pakistan was the national identity, which was established after rendering sacrifices and business community will thwart nefarious designs of certain elements who are bent on to disrupt the peaceful environment in the country.

Iftikhar hoped that leadership of long marches will realize the gravity of the situation and come to table for meaningful dialogue to end political crisis and shun politics of confrontation, violence and agitation.

Source: APP