Karachi students develop use of microwaves to melt metals

KARACHI: A group of students of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST) Karachi campus has successfully developed the technology of melting steel/aluminum and other metals through microwaves.

The development of this technology enables more productive work in less time and finance, the institute sources said.

The group of students behind the success of this development includes Nain Tara Leghari, Aisha Rehman, Sumbul Arif and Maaz Ahmed Khan. This group worked under the guidance of Dr Imran Amin, a PhD in Mechatronics himself and a teacher in the Mechatronics department,SZABIST.

The group successfully performed experiments and achieved temperature high enough through microwaves.

International academy of science, engineering and technology has organized an international conference of industrial engineering and operation management, which will be held on August 14-15 in Venice,Italy.

Nain Tara Leghari has been invited to this conference to present scientific paper “Literature review on microwave steel/aluminum melting”.

The students who developed this technology, their advisor and associate professor, Dr Imran Amin have applied to the government  for intellectual property protection.

This technology is eco friendly as it uses microwaves for heat generation instead of fuel, they added.

Source : APP