Imran Khan Challenges Nawaz Sharif

ISLAMABAD: PTI Chairman Imran Khan has challenged PM Nawaz Sharif stating that no matter how many containers the government put up and close all the roads to Islamabad but still it will not be successful in stopping the protesting crowd.

While addressing the people at “Shahrah e Dastoor”, Imran Khan said that the government is closing the roads to Islamabad by putting up containers and asked that under what law is the government taking this action.He said we will approach the courts against this action of the government.

Imran Khan directed his lawyers to file against this action of the government.

According to PTI Chief,Chairman NADRA Tariq Malik has been forced to leave. He said that we have evidence against rigging and we will fight till the last ball.

He also invited the people from all over Pakistan to join him at Islamabad to stand against rigging.He further stated that under the constitution peaceful protest is my democratic right and added that if we will not stand against the electoral rigging the upcoming generations will never forgive us.