FPCCI Business community disfavours civil disobedience call

KARACHI: The business community needs tranquility for continuity of business and it cannot afford any closures or obstructions on political grounds, said President FPCCI Zakaria Usman.

The President, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI), in a statement here on Monday, said Pakistan’s economic and political conditions are critical and the political activities have hampered the process of economic development.

“Pakistan is battling with terrorism and our Army is fighting  a decisive war in North Waziristan to eliminate the scourge of terrorism.

The country is incurring huge expenses on war against terrorism. The matter of settlement of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has arisen as a new problem in consequence of this war.

Zakaria Usman said the protesting political parties’ recent call to the nation for civil disobedience is not ‘understandable’ and the business community has condemned it and disfavours it.

He said that the current political situation and the recent call to the public for non-payment of taxes and utility bills and business shutdown are not feasible for the country.

The business community which is the real stakeholder is against such a political move and they do not want to close their business.

FPCCI President suggested to the protesting people to avoid converting their legal democratic protest into illegal and non-democratic acts of violence and also avoid entry in the red zone.

The business community is the real tax-payer and the government is bound to use this money in the right direction for the development of the country. The political activities should not affect the economic activities of the country. Strikes, harassment through mobs and destruction of public and private properties are the national losses, he said.

Zakaria requested both the ruling and opposition political parties to spare the economy while doing politics.

FPCCI Chief urged to settle down the current political crisis through dialogue and said all political parties should come forward for this noble cause avoiding their ego and fostering harmony.

Source: APP