KMC warns encroachers

KARACHI: The anti-encroachments department of KMC has directed the owners of push carts and cabins on the pavements in front of the commercial belt from Allahwala Market to Jama Cloth Market to remove their stuff and other materials within two days otherwise strict action will be taken against them.

The shopkeepers of these markets were also advised not to give electricity connection to these encroachments.

Director, Anti Encroachments Department Mazhar Khan visited the anti-encroachments and anti-beggary camp established at Jama Cloth Market and Allahwala Market, said a statement on Wednesday evening.

KMC has set up 12 camps at various trade and commercial centres of the city to eradicate the encroachments and professional beggary there.

He was accompanied by the office bearers of Allahwala Market Union and Jama Alliance Market Association which comprised of 36 markets.

The Director Anti-encroachments on this occasion reviewed the existence of encroachments in the area and directed the shopkeepers to avoid giving electricity connections to the roadside cabins, push carts and other encroachers.

He said anti-encroachments campaign was carried out in the city  to clear the main and sub-tracks in the city for vehicular traffic and to save the citizens from inconvenience due to the establishment of encroachments on the pavements and at the edges of roads.

Source: APP