‘I will never get married in my life’ claims Salman Khan

MUMBAI: Finally, Salman Khan, while speaking in a talk show (aired on a private Indian TV channel) claimed that he will never get married in his entire life.

The actor, while speaking in the talk show revealed that he is not interested in politics and neither he wishes to direct a film, but he likes his acting carrier which he will peruse all his life.

According to the Indian reports, Salman Khan revealed that he will never get married in his life, but he will prefer investing his time for the well-being of children.

During the interview, he made it very clear that he likes doing social work that he is doing through ‘Being Human’, whereas he also wishes to give more of his time and investment for the places who are working for the betterment of the children.

DISCLAIMER: This news have been taken from Indian sources and International reports.