Uzbek’s involved in the catastrophic attacks in Karachi, Nara fails to register these aliens

by Sumaira Shiraz

KARACHI: The National Aliens Registration Authority (NARA), who merged with Nadra in 2011 despite having all the evidences regarding the involvement of Central Asian associated terrorists failed to register any official claims on these aliens.

While talking to the Business Recorder group, Nara revealed that they have accounted 0.12 million of these aliens since it’s establishment, but unfortunately they have failed to register any official claims regarding these alien, especially the ones who belongs to Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

The report of Business recorder further mentioned that all large-scale terror activities which are taking place withing the entities of Pakistan are being executed by the people or terrorists who belongs to Central Asia.

The evidences of those attacks which were later accepted by these aliens included the attacks on PNS Mehran, the headquarters’s of Pakistan Navy’s Naval Air Arm on May 22, that left 10 security personnel martyred and two P-3C Orion completely damaged

Likewise, these unauthorized floaters attacked Kamra Airbase on August 16, 2012 with hand grandes, rocket launchers, due to which one aircraft was completely destroyed, but fortunately the security officials succeeded by keeping those terrorists away from the hanger and other aircraft’s.

Simultaneously, on December 12, 2012, the terrorist attacked the Bacha Khan International Airport and killed 4 civilians and injured more than 40 people.

The fresh attack on Karachi Airport is another destructing event for the authorities, due to which at least 18 people, including 7 ASF personnel, one Ranger official, one policeman, one PIA employee and one CAA employee lost their lives.

The above stated attacks are though limited, but the terrorist activities being done by these aliens and floaters are increasing day by day. The security forces fights back, but with it they let go their lives. People without any mistake have to let go their loved ones.

On the other hand, the authorities are helpless. The hierarchy system within our political system is the main hindrance for spotting these terrorists and aliens. One’s with power and authority are the barriers in locating these terrorists within our entity.

Talking to the Business Recorder Group, the Nara Authorities said they are willing to help the Interior Ministry to target these aliens, but currently no information has been sent to us in regard to locate these terrorists. “There is no liberty to exercise powers.” “We have been restricted to get details of foreigners from any seminary, occupational and others places, despite reports that suggest their involvement in serious crimes,” they added.


Route followed for an attack on Karachi Airport

Bodies of Uzbek terrorists after the long-devastating shootout