Unhealthy eating linked to cancer

ISLAMABAD: – Not all health problems are avoidable, but you have more control over your health than you may think. Research shows that a large percentage of cancer-related deaths-maybe even a majority-are directly linked to lifestyle choices such as smoking,  lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet, IRNA reports.

What you eat-and don’t eat-has a powerful effect on your health, including your risk of cancer. Without knowing it, you may be eating many foods that fuel cancer, while neglecting the powerful foods and nutrients that can protect you.

‘Unhealthy eating is as important as environmental conditions in causing different kinds of cancers,’ said Mohammad Hadi Heydarzadeh, Director General  of Department of Environment of Tehran Province.

The official criticized the growing popularity of fast foods among Iranians, calling for their removal from Iranian food baskets.

‘Iranians used to consume more vegetables and fruits, as the best diet for preventing or fighting cancer is a predominantly plant-based diet that includes a variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains,’ he said.

He also called for improvement of organic agriculture for the production of enriched crops with the least amount of waste.

Warning against the tsunami of cancer caused by overconsumption of fast foods, Heydarzadeh said people must return to their traditional food patterns  to prevent a health crisis.

Iranian traditional cuisines include vegetables and fresh ingredients. Iranian foods also involve a long and slow cooking time, which increases the
nutritional value of food.

By 2035, 24 million will be diagnosed with cancer worldwide. Every year, 70,000 cancer patients are diagnosed in Iran, which presently has 400,000 cancer patients.