Tsunami warns to enter Islamabad on 14 August

BAHAWALPUR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chief, Imran Khan, while addressing in Bahawalpur warned the Govt. that they will enter in the capital city, Islamabad on 14 August, if the Govt. will fail to accept their terms. Aaj News reported.

While addressing in Bhawalpur, Imran Khan said that his party leaders have decided to give Nawaz Sharif one month to accept the terms and give us a positive reply, but if the Govt officials will fail to do so, around 10 lac people will carry on their protest towards Islamabad.

Furthermore, Imran Khan warned that if the Govt. will try to stop the march held on 14 August or if they will harm any of their party worker, than they won’t leave the culprits. ‘If any of my party worker will be hurt, I will hang the culprit with my own hands’, says Imran Khan.

During the rally, Imran Khan asked the Govt. about the ones who were involved in setting up an address of Nawaz Sharif before the results of the election was out. He also asked the Govt. to answer that why the Rating officers, during the election were not working according to the rules and regulation they had to follow, as well as what role did Ifthikar Muhmmad Chaudary and Najam Sethi had during these elections.

Secondly, Imran Khan said that our nation has worked hard for Azad Adlia and I myself has gone to jail for this, but Ifthikar Chaudary has no respect for this system, which is why he designated his own son as the Vice Chairman of Balochistan Investment Board.

He further added that PML-N has been designated for the sixth time and what changes are they likely expecting to make during their sixth presidency. ‘What kind of Govt. is this, on one side it’s the PM Nawaz Sharif, than on the other side his own brother Shahbaz Sharif is the Cheif Minister of Punjab and his niece, nephews and daughter themselves are designated on other associated positions. Is this Govt. working on blood relations or merit.’. said Imran.