Srilanka annuls the facility of traveling without visa for Pakistanis

Colombo: The Srilankan government has abrogated the privilege of travelling without visa for Pakistanis and the government of Pakistan has also been made aware in this regard.

According to the local media sources, Pakistanis were provided visa on reaching the Srilankan Airport but now this service has been overruled. Now if any Pakistani wishes to travel to Srilanka he will have to submit an application to High Commission in Islamabad. The foreign ministry of Srilanka has made the Government of Pakistan aware of it.
According to sources, this decision has been finalized on the request of government of Pakistan because the government wanted to discourage the trend of taking political refuge in Srilanka.

It is note worthy that Srilanka is included among those SAARC countries that had been providing free visa facility to the citizens of Pakistan on reaching the airport, for the sole purpose of expanding relations among the citizens of SAARC countries.