Skin remedies for the month of Ramazan

1- Avoid Sun: Sun rays are eventually harmful for your skin because it can cause sunburn and eruptions, whereas they also become a cause to take away the glow and sparkle from your skin. It damages your complexion. Try going out with Umbrellas and sunglasses to protect yourself from sun rays.

2- Right Metabolism rate: The major problem in Ramadan is acne and pimples. It occurs because you use less water during fasting period, which eventually cause acne and pimples. Consume healthy food at the time of suhoor and Iftari. Avoid oily food and consume fresh juices with less sugar consumption. Balance your food plate by filling it up with the foods that contain protein and vitamins.

3- Balance your time: After ending up your fast in the evening, you have Iftari. The proportion you eat in Iftari is mostly based on Appetizers. Setup your plate with limited portion and go for the main course after 2 hours of Iftari.

4- Keep yourself hydrated: Fasting starts from the time of suhoor and ends at the time of Iftar. At suhoor, you don’t feel like having six glasses of water altogether. But, try to drink at least 3-4 glasses of water at suhoor. It is because than you won’t be able to drink water all day till the time of Iftar. Drinking at least 3-4 glasses of water at the time of suhoor will keep you hydrated all day and will protect your skin from loosing it’s strength. Than, at the time of Iftar again consume 3-4 glasses of water which will help you to low down the thirst you had all day and will prtect your skin all night.