Senior couple poses a photo along with the flipped car they were in

by Sumaira Shiraz

A California couple, Benjamin and Elizabeth Neufeld did not let go an opportunity of clicking a picture of the flipped care they were in, while they were driving into their Bel Air, Calif home last Friday.

Benjamin and Elizabeth, along with their driver were in their Honda car, when the car flipped on it’s side. Benjamin Neufeld managed his way out of the car, but his wife and the driver were trapped inside the car, but were unhurt and were waiting for the emergency responders to rescue them.

Sources said that Elizabeth from inside the car was clicking selfies and Benjamin who managed his way out of the car clicked his picture along with the flipped car.

Yet there are claims that Benjamin’s wife was not clicking pictures from inside the car, but according to Bnejamin, Elizabeth was just siting there waiting for the rescue respondents.

“A lot of people were taking photos and that’s one of the problems with the modern age,” he said. “You can’t get away from it.”, said Benjamin.