Security beefed enhanced at Lahore airport

LAHORE: The Karachi airport terrorist attack has jolted the whole aviation activity in the country,disturbing the flight schedule from major airports to domestic and international destinations.

The incident has left thousands of passengers stranded at various airports. Most disturbed were passengers who were to take connecting flights either from coming abroad or leaving for foreign countries.

In the meantime, the country’s international airports have been put on red alert. No one is being allowed to enter the airport vicinity without strict checking.

Security personnel have already occupied all key positions including main gates, cargo terminals, passenger halls and ticketing points to keep a watch on passengers.

Civil Aviation Authority (CAB) Lahore has asked people that only passengers with tickets for particular flights were allowed to enter the airport premises.

The authority urged all other people including relatives not to accompany passengers to avoid inconvenience.

Meanwhile, ASF personnel have further tightened security at Allama Iqbal International Airport. Every vehicle coming to the airport to drop passengers is being searched thoroughly.

According to Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) spokesman Mashhood Tajwar, they had finalised their flight schedule and three flights would leave Karachi for Lahore by Monday (today) evening. He advised passengers to contact PIA enquiry office before leaving for airport to catch their booked flights.