Saudi Arabia has highest number of Twitter users in Arab world

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia has 2.4 million active Twitter users, the highest number in the region, according to a survey.

The sixth edition of the Arab Social Media Report was launched by the Governance and Innovation Program at the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government.

The Kingdom accounts for 40 percent of all active Twitter users in the Arab world. There are 5.79 million active Twitter users in the region as of March 2014, Arab news reported.

An “active user” is someone who logs in once a month, according to Twitter. Saudi Arabia has more than twice the number of users than second-placed Egypt. However, Egypt gained the largest number of new users since last year, at 571,000, compared to Saudi Arabia’s 514,000.

According to the survey, 55 percent of respondents said they strongly support the government’s use of social media for the design and delivery of public services.

Respondents also agreed that social media facilitates better accessibility to government and public sector officials.

A report entitled “Citizen Engagement and Public Services in the Arab World: The Potential of Social Media,” states that social media is still used in the Arab region as a one-way information source for the majority of those who use it to interact with government.