Sachitra Senanayake’s bowling action claimed impugnable

COLOMBO: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has claimed Sachitra Sananayake’s bowling actions impugnable and dubious after the fourth one-day match held in England.

According to the sources, the ICC authorities have claimed the bowling actions of Sachitra Senanayake, associated with the Sri Lankan cricket team questionable and dubious during the series of fourth one-day match held in England. The officials claimed that various balling actions played in the field during the match by Senanayake were indecisive.

The ICC authorities have reported the issue to the Sri Lankan Board regarding which the Sri Lankan Board has conferred distressing and surprising remarks.

According to the Sri Lankan Board, Sachitra Senanayake has been playing International Cricket since two years and after giving his best, the ICC authorities are claiming such inquisitions on his bowling actions. The Sri Lankan Board mentioned that receiving such remarks from the ICC authorities is out of way, as we can’t come up to a perfect reason of why the authorities have asserted it.

Meanwhile, following the ICC law, Sachitra Sananayake now has to pass a test of bio-mechanics within 21 days to prove his bowling capacities, whereas a ban on his bowling could be imposed, if his bowling action will turn out negative.