Revelation Of English Test Scam-Restriction On Pakistani And Foreign Students By UK Authorities

LONDON: Due to suspect over English test scam around three universities and 57 colleges in United Kingdom has imposed constraint on admissions of foreign students including Pakistani students.

The government of Britain instructed the private educational institutions  government to ban on vise sponsoring to all foreign students after revelation of fake English test by the immigration Minister James Brokenshire who unleashed the reality saying that at least 48,000 immigrant students are involved in faking English language tests  for visas via scam run by criminals at examination centres licensed by the Britain’s Home Office.

He further informed that it has been a fraud done systematically to pass the tests as many foreigner students were found who can hardly speak English words. Tests were undertaken under corrupt supervision and students were helped to answer the questions and even many of them bought certificates directly via paying £500.

Glyndwr University in north-east Wales and University of Bedfordshire are included in the university facing restrictions for admitting foreign students.

The British Government has called off National Crime Agency to investigate and arrest the guilty immigrants and others involved.

It is acknowledged that the English language certificate assist the foreign students to get maximum advantages in Britain.