Ramazan sweetened with the delightful pleasures of ‘Dates’

By Aiman Ali

Ramadan is the holy month in which the faithful  observers of Islam  fast from sunrise to sunset .During the fast, they starve at all hours in between without eating and drinking anything but it is not only about starving but it involves divine spirituality that calls for purity of thoughts and deeds during the whole month of Ramadan. Muslims eat food before sunrise called Sehri and fast till sunset called Iftaar.

Different meals are served during sehri and iftaar eaten by the families. Dates have their own charm and temptation in this month. Beginning of iftaar with delightful dates is our Sunnah as our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) use to break fast by eating dates. Along with the religious significance, its health benefits are incomparable.

Dates are enormous source of natural sugars. Their intake is inevitable especially in Ramadan because dates are a direct source of energy enhancing the immunity. Dates are also a good hydrating source and minimize the dehydration occurring often during Ramadan.

So, one should intake dates during sehri or iftaar as it provides greater potential along with pleasure.