RAMAzAN KAREEM: A month of infinite blessings

By Afshan Zahra

Once again the blissful Holy Month of Ramadan is awaiting to welcome the Muslims all round the clock with all its colors, blessings, gifts and above all the aroma of delicious foods that we crave for the whole year round. Samosas, spring rolls, dahibaras, kachori, kababs and the list of yumilicious foods go on and on. All the food streets are crowded and lightened with the smells of the tasty, fried, special and exclusive dishes, prepared only once a year. No doubt this is a month filled with the most amounts of feasts, friends and family gatherings

But don’t forget  your goal for Ramadan should not be just fasting and eating to your heart’s content at Sahar and Iftar but rather this should be accompanied by prayers and recitation of Holy Quran as much as you can because Allah(SWT) doubles the reward of every good deed ,Ramadan being his favorite and most blessed month. Indulge yourself in prayers rather than scrolling on Face book or surfing the Internet uselessly. Avoid useless chitchatting and gossips with friends rather always keep the zikar of Allah (SWT) on your lips. Try your best to stay away from sinful activities as the gunah (punishment) for sins is also twiced in this month.

Wish you all a very Happy Ramadan. May Allah (SWT) accept our Ibadahs and grant us the opportunity to avail the maximum blessings of this sacred month. Do remember to take care of your health as well!!