Charity Work – Poor people appreciate Saylani

By Afshan Zahra

The feeling of Altruism among humans is what keeps this world running. This feeling is promoted and enlightened by nonprofit organizations whose sole motive is welfare of humanity as a whole. Head quartered in the centre of karachi, one such organization is Saylani Welfare Trust, founded in 1999 by Maulana Muhammad Basheer Farooqui.

You will be amazed to know that it provides free food to needy and poor families and that also not once but twice a day. Whenever I pass by that area, their selfless and devoted volunteers are found distributing food items among the poor.

Apart from this, fund raising, meal and legal aid to prisoners, medical camps, sadqa bakra service, collective qurbani, distribution of meat and supplying drinking water are some of the major services of the Trust. Certainly, it is playing an immense role in reducing and uprooting poverty rate and promoting economic and social justice in our country, where people are deprived of even the basic necessities of life.

It is also collecting donations from its foreign sub offices in UK and Nottingham and that entire donation is invested in Pakistan. SWT has established more than 100 educational institutes and primary schools to educate thousands of students free of cost.

During the month of Ramadan they provide free Sehri and Iftari to anyone who visits the trust, without any discrimination of caste, colour or creed. Exclusive and special Eid packages are distributed among about 50,000 poor families, consisting of clothes for the family in addition to some reasonable cash amount, which varies from year to year.

Organizations like Saylani with focus on pure service for the welfare of humanity deserve to receive our donations especially during the month of Ramazan, when we are looking for the right organizations for giving charity. So next time when you decide to spend some amount out of your wealth in the way of Allah, don’t forget to bring Saylani in your consideration.

Saylani  Donation  Account details

Account Name: Saylani Welfare International Trust
Account No: 50107900261955
Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited
Branch Name: Dhoraji Colony Islamic Banking Branch,Karachi
Branch Code: 5010