Police probe team in Model town incident changed for 3rd time

LAHORE: The police investigation team who was probing the Model Town incident has been changed for the third time, with no authentic results, Aaj News reported.

According to the reports, IG Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera had constituted the investigation team headed by Adittional IG Sarmad Saeed. After two days, the team leader was replaced with IG Finance Dr Arif Mushtaq. A day ago, Dr Arif Mushtaq was transferred to the Police Special Branch and once again the charge was handed over to AIG Punjab Sarmad Saeed.

The investigation of the incident could not be initiated thus far just because of the repeated changes in the team.

Other members of the team are: DIG Ali Amir and AIG Finance Hussain Habib.

Meanwhile, AIG Sarmad Saeed had also excused himself from heading the probe team.