Live Updates: June, 10, ASF Academy on terrorist attack

2:43 pm

The flight schedule has been rebooted again after facing a delay for an hour. The Civil Aviation Authority has tweeted the schedules of certain flights which were hindered from this incident.

2:40 pm

Chaudary Nisar, while briefing about the current incident (attack) claimed that the attackers characteristics did not matched to the ones of our country and even our neighboring country, but their description has been revealed as long, fair and tall, which indicated that they belonged to another territory.

2:19 pm

Search Operation taking place in Pehalwan Goth area. The security officials are searching each and every house located in the Girls Hostel of ASF Academy.

Sharjeel Memon expressed his concerns in regard to the attack. “It was not a major incident, the attackers just opened aerial fires, not more than that”, says Sharjeel Memom.

2:02 pm — 2:05 pm

No causalities reported. The terrorist managed to flee away on mot bikes. Security on high alert at Peshawar and Islamabad airport. Shoot-at-Sight orders issued for an doubtful suspect found around the area.

According to Colonel Tahir Ali, the weapons, which the terrorists were carrying cannot be ascertained yet, but the weapons were high-tech and small equipped weapons.

1:55 pm

The DG Rangers claims that the terrorists have manged to escape, whereas the security officials have been deployed in the surrounding areas. The officials also claimed that the operation has been completed, but the areas has not been declared clear and accessible yet.

Twitter message of Omar Khorasani,

1:30 pm

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has accepted the responsibility of the attack.

Rawalpindi airport has been put on high alert. The ISPR authorities claimed that they have surrounded the terrorists. DG Rangers is leading the operation and other Anti-terrorism commandos too.

1:24 pm
Civil Aviation Authority informed about the flight schedules via Twitter Messages

Twitter messages

1:18 pm

A search operation in the area has been started after the news broke out that the militants have escaped from the back side of the sewage area. The sources revealed that the militants entered the locality from Pehalwan Goth.

Helicopters have started an deep search to target them. All flights scheduled to land in Karachi have been diverted to Nawabshah.

1:10 pm — 1:15 pm

Reporters of Aaj News informed that the terrorists have escaped from the incident site.

Shahbaz Sharif is being continuously updated regarding the incident.

1:08 pm

Chaudary Nisar who was in the meeting with the National Assembly member briefing them about the previous attack. He was informed about the sudden incident

The security forces are still trying to locate the exact place, where the militants are hiding.

1:01 pm

The situation is not under control. Gunshots can be heard. The security forces are trying to figure out the exact location from where the militants are firing the shots.

12:54 pm

Exchange of fire started between the militants and the Ranger and the security officials. Gunshots can be heard from both side. Terrorists are using high-tech equipments. Extra security forces are being sent to the incident site. The accounted number of the officers deployed at the incident site is said to be 1000.

12:52 pm

The attack started around 12:53 pm, when around 4 to 5 militants entered the ASF Academy which is 13 minutes away from the airport. Security has been tighten up in nearby areas.