Karachi Stock Exchange mid day update

KARACHI: On Wednesday, until mid day, KSE-100 Index was at 29011.23 with a negative change of 46.21 and volume of 67,171,890 shares.

High and Low were 29207.57 and 29008.69 respectively. Total volume traded in the market was 99,327,130 shares with 287 total traded companies out of which 118 were up, 150 were down and 19 were unchanged.

Construction and Materials (Cement) was the top traded sector with total traded volume of 18,427,100 shares. It was followed by Electricity with a total traded volume of 15,341,500 shares.

The three top traded companies were K-Electric Ltd. with a volume of 13,652,500 and price per share of 8.58 ( 0.22), Amtex Limited with a volume 7,520,500 of price per share of 3.80 ( 0.41), Lafarge Pak. with a volume 6,536,500 of price per share of 15.45 ( 0.15).

The top three advancers were Bata (Pak) with price per share 3344.00 ( 60.00), Philip Morris Pak. with price per share of 687.87 (25.56) and Sitara Chemical share of 292.40 (12.35).

The top three decliners were Rafhan Maize with price per share of 10449.06 (-549.94), Indus Dyeing with price per share of 701.10 (-32.47) and Faisal Spinning per share of 163.00 (-7.95).

Source: Business Recorder