Karachi on fire again-A never-ending menace

By Aiman Ali

Since a long time the city of Karachi was at peace and free from terrorist attacks but this harmony and serenity couldn’t last for long and it became a target of assault and terror again. The tedious life of Karachi was on general pace and so was the routine of Karachi airport on daily line up, till yesterday night when some aberrant elements broke into the territory of airport forcibly killing some airport employees and assailing the passengers and the airport staff.

They took the control of airport. However, the military forces charged and commenced an operation against terrorists. A number of people lost their lives during the operation including civilians and rangers.

And so yet another attack jolted the ground of Karachi and people fell into a sight of despair and feeling of fright again.

Now the question arises that till how long this menace is going to prevail? Will the people of Karachi never be free from this torment torture? These questions pop up the heads of every citizen longing for peace and harmony. What is our Government’s act on it? Is this the result of those “Taliban Talks” which the Government is having for a long time? All these efforts of our authorities seem to go in vain leaving people with no hope. Our lives are taken so granted viciously by these terrorists. There is a no mercy reign ruling all over. But despite of this pensiveness the people of Karachi hold the spirit to fight against these evil designs with fearlessness hoping that this peril will come to an end one day and the sun of harmony will rise wiping out the darkness prevailing in our land.