Karachi airport attack: Bodies of eight people trapped in cold storage recovered

KARACHI: The rescue teams after 28 hours recovered the bodies of eight people, who were earlier trapped in the cold storage of cargo complex during the terrorist attack and fire, Aaj News reported.

The information presented by the rescue sources revealed that the bodies were recovered after a great struggle of breaking off the wall of the cargo terminal, whereas the bodies recovered from inside were not in the condition to get identified. The bodies were immediately shifted to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Hospital Center (JPMC) for medico-legal formalities.

It is pertinent to know that teams of Army Engineering Core, Rangers, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and others took part in the rescue operation.

The employees who were trapped in the cold storage of cargo complex at Karachi airport earlier took refuge in the complex from the terrorist attack, but unfortunately they were unable to manage their way out from the building which ran into fire.


Earlier, The authorities after the attack declared the airport and it’s surrounding areas clear and accessible, without verifying that some one could be inside the building.

The rescue operation workers revealed that diesel and water supply in the fire brigades rescue vehicles was finished, due to which the fire erupted in the cold storage complex was unable to be extinguished.

After giving airport the access for flight arrival and departure, the families of the persons who were missing gathered on the star gate and claimed that their loved ones are inside the building and are trapped. They also claimed they are alive and they needed help. The family members mentioned in various TV interviews that some of the trapped people are texting and calling us for help, but no rescue workers are here up till now.

Unfortunately, after several hours, when the rescue sources managed their way inside the building, the only found the bodies which were unable to be identified.