Islamabad: Blast at the shrine of Chan Pir Badshah, 42 injured

ISLAMABAD: At least 42 people were reported to be injured in a low intensity blast which took place at the shrine of Chan Pir Badshah, whereas the security in the twin cities have been alerted, Aaj News reported.

According to the reports, the explosion occurred at a shrine of Chan Pir Badsha located in Shehzad Town, Pandorian area during commemoration of the death anniversary of local Sufi saint Baba Nangay Shah. The officials revealed that explosive material exploded at the time, when almost 250 people were present at langar stall , whereas more than 3000 people were busy in attending rituals at the shrine.

According to the reports, the explosive material was fixed near a tree, but it’s not yet confirm that the explosives were either a time-device or a remote control setup.

The explosion damaged one side of the Mazar, whereas injured 42 people. The injured were immediately rushed to the PIMS, Polyclinic and Benazir Bhutto Hospitals.

Many of the injured people revealed that due to panic created after the blast and the rush in the environment, they slipped their balance and were crushed down.

After the blast, an emergency has been imposed in all the hospitals of Islamabad, whereas the security has been briefed up.