Is there any fruitful result of Karachi targeted operation???

by Aiman Ali

This threat has been so ignored that later it turned Karachi into a place of peril and jeopardy. The threat was target killing, commenced as a minor crime but sooner later it turned into havoc for the people of Karachi.

The Government thinks of renouncing it but disappointingly, it has traveled so far the limits of human tolerance and rage. People are killed every day, gunned down and ruthlessly slaughtered.

The city of lights has turned into a place of dungeon burning allover but wistfully, the authorities of Karachi seemed to be in a sound sleep of peace and serenity. The police and rangers, who are meant to protect the citizens and provide them security became silent spectators watching the massacre of innocent people with their weapons kept within their armor. It is the ruthless killing of people by the people of the same city and state.

People are targeted because of religious, political and linguistic ethnicity and animosity. The ethnic cleansing of Shias in Karachi destroying millions of chaste lives, a long waged war between Pankhurst and Muhajir that have been slaughtering each other ferociously for the objective of superiority and ethnocentric.

Conflicts of political parties and clash of fully weaponized gang wars in different areas of Karachi that are turning more and more mighty and forcible by the time. All these elements together have destroyed the whole concept of peace and security for the people of Karachi. A sense of fright and terror has prevailed within the city.

People are bound to live with different identities and hide their religion, sect, and language in order to survive their lives. In such chaos and turmoil, the cries of these stricken people have been ignored. Every mournful eye asks for justice. And when this atrocity touched the skies and crossed all lines of humanity, our so-called vigilant and responsible government realized the need of taking an action against this bloodbath of poor fellow.

The Government launched an operation against criminals, target killers and extortionists in Karachi. No go areas were targeted, rangers and police continued the operation relentlessly in order to root out all criminal elements.

\Rangers and police found many suspects, arrested criminals including target killers and recovered weapons during raid. Over thousands of suspects were found who admitted their political affiliation with different political parties. Altogether, in both governments, 15,671 suspects were arrested while 804 encounters and 10,254 raids have taken place up until now.

Security officials have recovered 282 kilograms of explosives, 167 hand grenades and explosive devices, and seven rocket and rocket launchers so far. In addition, ,430 pistols, 84 Kalashnikovs, three light machine guns and four suicide jackets were also seized during the operation according to the report. Many police officers and rangers lost their lives during the operation.

However, apart from all, there is still a lot of this menace prevailing in the city. Even now, people are being killed every day in Karachi on the account of target killing. Terror still sustains among people. There are many factors leading to the failures of Karachi targeted operations.

Firstly, the powers of the district authorities like DSPs and SPs are curtailed, they are bound to work under the changing orders of upper authorities that are much under the political influence. They should be given a free hand to carry out operations at all scales and measures without any political and religious hindrance. Secondly, most of the raids and operations are launched in Lyari Town and Sohrab Goth mainly and later in Manghopir, Orangi Town, Korangi, Landhi, Ranchore Lines and Ittehad Town. The operation is restricted to these areas only, which led to the migration of criminals in other nearby areas and are not caught by the police. Apart from that, there is a need of carrying out operations and snap raids in all suspected areas impartially and equally. Thirdly, the arrested suspects are released on bail without any hearing and investigation.

Over thousands of suspects and criminals were arrested last year from different areas of Karachi having affiliations with different political parties, gangs, religious groups and unions but were released on no evidence without a trial and inquiry. Those with influential affiliations were bailed on the day of arrest.

With continuation of such practices, it will become inevitable to get rid of these evil designs no matter how many operations are undertaken. Fourthly, there should be a complete de-weaponization from all the areas. The only solution to Karachi unrest is de-weaponizing the hands of the criminals and plugging all the sources through which these arms flow in Karachi.

Hitherto, if government is aiming to take constructive steps against these lawless activities and to ensure the security of every citizen of Karachi, it is mandatory to take effective measures at all levels without any political, religious, linguistic and ethnic obstacles. A fair operation must be launched against all law violating elements.

Those who are proved guilty should be jailed and punished strictly as per their crime. It is the high time to take strict action and make it work because any more delay will make situation worse and uncontrollable. The people of Karachi are craving for peace and serenity. They want to live a fear free life and work in a peaceful atmosphere where life has a cost and humanity exists.