First Halal Certified nail polish to enter the Gulf market in this Ramadan

Catering to the needs of nail lovers, a new brand of nail polish is going to launch which aims at women who now can now enjoy wearing it with no limitations in the holy month as well. Yes, before the start of the holy month of Ramadan, the first nail polish to receive Halal certification in the Middle East. Nail lovers are already stocking up pre-Ramadan on the halal compliant nail polish.

BCI Group is the main sponsors of Beauty World Middle East 2014, which introduced the first Halal Certified nail polish in the Middle East. This group claimed that the solution to meet the needs of Islamic prayer and during wudu, which is the procedure for washing certain body parts before the time of prayer. Before prayers, women are required to take off their nail polish five times a day to ensure that water can touch their skin.

The Halal certified nail polish is available in different colors. The brand provides higher water permeability that enables water to pass through to the nails easily. This news has definitely touched the hearts of the nail color, now they don’t have to do compromise with their love of ‘Nail color’.