Fasten your seat belts – FIFA World Cup fever is back again

By Aiman Ali

“Who is going to win Fifa football World Cup 2014?” This question blows every mind but all these anticipations are soon to end as the world cup is all set to begin on June, 12.

The world cup is fully prepared to take its fans on the exciting ride of warm beaches of Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro as Brazil has received the honor to host Fifa World Cup once again this time.

All state footballers are ready to enchant the grounds of brazil by their astonishing kicks and goals entertaining the spectators and fans all over the world. The Fifa World Cup is sooner or later griping every country irrespective of team countries.

Asia holds the enormous fifa supportors and fans although none of the countries have their participating teams but still they are zealous supportors of other team players, this is a heathly practice prevailing allover the world.There will be a total of 64 matches, being played in twelve cities across Brazil starting from today till 18 July.

The football fans will have ample time to make the most of it and enjoy cheering up their football stars.So, all the football fans gear up, the never ending mania has just begun with the very first  exciting match between Brazil and Croatia.

Lets follow the Fifa this time and support your favorite football players and enjoy the most of it.