Ebullience of Ramazan-Arrangements In Full Swing

By Aiman Ali

Every year Ramadan comes along with loads of blessings and pleasures.  It spreads a profound serenity allover bringing eternal bliss and comfort to people’s hearts and minds. People in Pakistan welcome Ramadan with great zeal and exuberance.

Their seems a gleaming aspiration in every one’s thought for spending Ramadan in a much better way than ever before. Muslims all over the world start doing preparations for Ramadan  even months back. Similarly, this year Muslims are fully prepped  to welcome Ramadan and enjoy the soothing blessings that it brings along.

Markets, super stores and shops are flooded with people rushing to buy all necessary food items and rations for the whole month of Ramadan before it gets late. Cuisines are decided for iftaar, early food preparations are completed, Eid shopping is almost done by the month of Ramadan.

Apart from all these activities the supreme aim is to spend Ramadan with all the spiritual affection and dedication to Allah.

To make the most of it and avail this opportunity and earn more and more good deeds. May this holy month of Ramadan grant us with its pleasures and joys.