Cyclone Nanauk floods more than 30 villages of coastal belt

KARACHI: More than 30 villages of Sindh and Makran located at the coastal belt have been flooded due to the Cyclone Nanauk, whereas this cyclone is likely expected to hit the coastal areas of Oman on Sunday, Aaj News reported.

According to the reports, the Cyclone Nanauk has bought light rainfall and has pushed wind towards the coastal areas of Thatta, whereas the reports also claimed that the fishermen already at their work in the coastal areas are unable to be tracked down.

Furthermore, the reports mentioned that the protective wall of Keti Bunder in Thatta has been damaged, due to which 30 villages including Keti Bander, Kharochhan and Ghorabari have been flooded.

Meanwhile, the cyclone pushing its force toward Balochistan has forced the flooded water to enter the Dam, Sonmiani, Gandani shipyard and several other coastal areas.

Cyclone Nanauk has damaged dozens of houses and has forced the people to shift some place else for better and safe accommodation.