Cyclone intensifies, Sea level rises in Arabian Sea

KARACHI: The sea level has been risen as the cyclone named “Nanauk”  in the Arabian Sea has intensified, Aaj News reported on Friday.

As result of the rise, water inundated certain parts of Karachi and Thatta’s coastal belt on Thursday due to a cyclone which is likely to strike the coastal areas of Oman on Sunday.

The cyclone is 680 KM away from Karachi and is travelling at 10 KM/hour towards Oman.

The MET office said there is no threat from the cyclone to Pakistan’s coastal areas, adding that some areas will receive rain from Friday night till Saturday.

The MET office has also advised fishermen not to be in the open sea from Friday till Sunday.

Meanwhile the Sindh government has placed the concerned departments on high-alert and cautioned people to avoid visiting beaches.

The MET office also predicted about rain in Karachi due to sea level rising.