Catastrophic conditions of Government Hospitals – Patients in peril

By Aiman Ali

It would be a laughable notion to think that a patient finds a complete remedy in a public hospital in Pakistan. The feeble maintenance of these hospitals is quite enough to even more worsen the condition of ailing patients.

But sadly these people have no other option to choose as private hospitals are beyond the reach of an average earning person to afford leaving them with the only option of a public hospital. The primary focus of a hospital is to provide effective treatment to the patients by controlled management and provision of medicines and to maintain proper cleanliness, health and sanitary conditions.

But government hospitals in Pakistan are so disappointing in every aspect turning the lives of patients even more devastated and miserable. It would be a haunted experience to venture in a government hospital, one’s heart starts sinking by looking at the poor health system. There is hardly any electricity in these hospitals and even if there is it is rarely felt by the slow moving wrecked fans that don’t even bother to move a hair.

Yet another depressing part is the poor sanitary system which imparts in ruining the patient’s condition even more. A large number of insects and cats are seen roaming allover in the wards. The terrible stench from the toilets could be smelled till the far ends of the corridors. There is no daily, weekly or monthly cleaning system. Nevertheless, the management flaws are countless there is no check and balance for the hospital staff. Doctors, surgeons, nurses, ward boys and peons seem missing and on ghost leave getting salaries at their homes.

Unavailability of medicines and improper medication has completely destroyed the whole concept of a true hospital. Grievously this is the bitter reality we have to live with but still can appeal the Government to look into this menace and improve the conditions of government hospitals like Civil, Jinnah etc. Because the life of a human is not that cheap, it should be given value.