Be friends with your Health this Ramazan!

By Afshan Zahra

When you hear the word Ramadan the first thing that pops up in your mind is definitely food, especially Fast food since the most amount of fast food is consumed, in this month. Let me tell you first what is fast food .It is easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away. Be it paratha rolls, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, fried foods all comes under the term Fast food. The trend of Fast food is purely Western that has now diffused in the Eastern region as well, particularly in Pakistan. Our youth is fonder of it than the adults and during Ramadan, the sale and purchase of fast food gets almost double as the hunger for whole day makes people crave for quick meals.

Though Fast foods are very delicious and once you take a bite your tongue feels like having more and more of it. But beware that there is a dark side behind this taste: It contains high level of sugar and fat which leads to an increased risk of obesity, liver damage and cardiovascular diseases .Regular consumption of fast food that is high in cholesterol can clog the arteries and increase the chances of heart attack and stroke.

Fast-foods add very little nutrients to your diet rather it provides excessive calories and fats. So, I have made you aware of the potential benefits of excessive consumption of fast food. I am not discouraging you to have it but be careful with the quantity as too much of anything leads to disaster. You might get attracted by the taste, the aroma and the golden brown color of fried foods in Ramadan which will water your mouth and you may long to have it but don’t be an enemy of your health yourself.

Enjoy food, enjoy Ramadan, enjoy feasts but remember Health is Wealth!!!!