Bapi da launches his new singles ‘Life is Football’

The anthems recorded for FIFA World Cup have always been a pride for the world and the World Cup itself. These anthems not only create an image or manage to grasp the attention towards the game, but it also binds people from all over the world to a single platform.

It’s because of these anthems that the football game has been given a specific culture and color. This is the main reason which makes this game a perfect defined game.

Shakira’s Waka Waka and La La La recorded anthems have been quite lovely, lively and inspiring. The dance was great. The lyrics were perfect. The singing was superb. Both the songs all around the world have been accepted as a pride for the game.

After these popular anthems of FIFA World Cup, now Bappi da has launched his own new single by the name of ‘Life is Football’. This single actually represents his love and passion towards the game and plus his encouragement for the Indian team to participate in the next FIFA World Cup.

Talking about this, Bappi says, “I am a big football and FIFA world cup fan. I composed and sung this single out of love for football. Seeing the clubs playing I hope soon India also forms their club and represent India internationally in the next FIFA world cup”.