Banners More Than Buildings-Karachi A Zone Of Advertisements

By Aiman Ali

When someone ventures to go for a joyride in Karachi, the only thing that is seen and observed over and over again at every road, artery, lane and piazza is monstrously large hoardings and banners of different advertisements everywhere in the city.

Although may times this illegal practice of putting banners and posters on inappropriate places has been banned by the government but still no implementation is nearly seen.

These hoardings carry advertisements of different products and companies but precisely nowadays the majority of these banners seen everywhere are of lawn brands and their never-ending new collections as per the seasons.

There seems a new competition among companies whether who grabs the bigger banner at a better place. Undoubtedly, it is an attractive way of advertisement catching the eye of one’s passing by but it should be properly maintained and accommodated as it becomes a big hazard for the city when they fall on roads during heavy rain falls and storms resulting loss of lives and huge traffic.

Along with merely banning, these laws should also be enforced to be implemented by the government as there are many other ways of advertisements.