Advent Of Ramazan- A Moment Bringing Blissful Change In Our Routine Lives

By Aiman Ali

Such monotonously standard and tedious lives we bear with a constant busy routine throughout the year. But we Muslims are blessed to be given a blissful bright change every year to come out of the world affairs, to reform our lives, to take a moment to breathe and to think religiously and selflessly.

This blessed change comes with the arrival of Ramadan bringing its soulful serenity and spiritual contentment along. In Ramadan we get a chance to come out of our robotic lives full of worldly affairs and get time to pray and make the most of it to please God by doing good deeds and manifesting the supreme religious morals and principles set in Holy Quran and Sunah and by asking forgiveness.

In this holy month we learn various things and realize many facts that we might ignore in our everyday life. We learn to endure to respect to honor the humanity and try to live meaningful and righteous lives.

Let’s welcome Ramadan this year with the faithful and pure intentions to uphold its sanctity and divinity.