A two-year old Chinese became the world’s youngest alcoholic

by Aiman Ali

Two-year-old Cheng Cheng from the eastern province of Anhui in China became the world’s youngest alcoholic, gulping pints of beer quicker than his parents. He is now addicted to alcohol and cries for it instead of milk. Authorities are shocked and yet dealing with the situation.
Cheng Cheng first tried wine at 10 months to stop him crying and downed his first bottle of beer before the age of one. His parents now are trying hard to refrain him from wine but the Chinese toddler didn’t seem to have any interest in milk, water, soft drink and any other drink, all he wants is booze.

His relatives says that they were quite certain about child’s addiction and they knew he will drink a lot when he grows up .One of them says about the child:” His eyes are always on the alcohol bottles. We can only try our best to store the bottles in a place which he cannot see them.”

They further added that he cannot resist not having wine for long, even in festivals he cries for alcohol whenever he sees someone having. The parents might face legal consequences. His mother had this fear, which is why she tried to switch the alcohol for milk and pop. The child’s organs will suffer and it could affect his life quality in later years according to health specialists. It is important for the parents to do something about this now. Having the world’s youngest alcoholic is not something to be proud of, and it will not be something the toddler from China will want to remember when he is older.