‘Polio free Pakistan’- A dream too sooner to come true !!

By Aiman Ali

In today’s leading world when almost all countries have wiped out the remains of polio, three countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria are still striving to achieve this goal. Adversely, Pakistan is still in the race to fight polio.

The World Health Organization has showed its despondence on Pakistan due to un-fulfillment of target as Pakistan failed to keep its promise to make the state polio free by now. The world countries ascertain that it’s a mere fantasy for Pakistan to become polio free as Pakistan has been endeavoring since several years but unable to achieve this objective.

But nevertheless, we cannot discount the betterment and improvement coming across. Glancing at the arduous conditions of Pakistan where terror dwells at every step and illiteracy causes unawareness among the masses, Pakistan is still trying at all levels to eradicate this menace. The people of Pakistan are determined and bold enough to carry out the campaigns as still many polio workers are employed on this job instead of previous vicious terrorist attacks on our courageous polio workers.

We are enthusiastically driven on this motive and will achieve anyhow. Many efforts are being made by government in addition to the recent policy of polio free traveling. Polio booths and centers have been established in all airports and has made mandatory for the passengers to get the polio free certificate being issued by government.

Apart from that many polio clinics and campaigns have been started in remote and tribal areas ignoring the security issues. It is due these efforts that the rate of polio cases reported has been declined from last year and we hope this number will further decrease in coming years.

The world countries and organizations should motivate and support Pakistan in this academic fight. Looking at our efforts, I see this dream of polio free Pakistan coming true sooner in coming years when no child will be afflicted by this academic.