‘Dharna’ is it a new threat to government ???

Jeena Hoga Marna Hoga
Dharna Hoga Dharna Hoga !!!

Seriously, Dharna has become a part of life. It seems that Dharna or protest is one of our traditions now. Whenever, a particular individual, group, community, political or religious party assumes that there is no one who will listen them, there cannot be fair and transparent hearing of their complaints then they go for strikes and dharna.

Recently PTI members as well as MQM are very visible on front line. Now, the point is either they have some hidden agenda or not, is a separate issue. But one thing is clear; PTI has been involved in such kinds of protests before the election and after the election.

They are claiming that the political system is not working according to legal terms (same point of view was led by Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri patron in chief of Pakistan Awami Tehreek). The opponents of PTI still believe that the purpose of these Dharna series is just to demote democracy. It means every dharna will be considered as a threat for Nawaz government.

The crucial questions are:

Should we believe that there is no effective and fair judicial system in the country?

Is there no way to file a petition in a legal way?

If someone is deprived of basic rights then he or she will have to come on roads and start protests?

These are the questions which require answers from our system and government.
The bottom line is, people will definitely see a lot of dharnas in the near future if the government or establishment does not take serious actions. The judiciary is losing the reputation itself.

The major organizations of Pakistan are not given the right status and respect. That’s why DHARNA is like a new drone that can be seen anywhere and anytime in our Beloved Pakistan.