Waqar should act a father figure in dressing room: Shoaib Akthar

ISLAMABAD: Former pacer Shoaib Akthar wants the newly appointed head coach Waqar Younis to act as a father figure in the dressing room saying the Burewala Express has always been a source of pride for Pakistan.

Shoaib said Waqar has a different attitude and acts as a binding force for the team. “I hope that Waqar will bring changes that will be beneficial for Pakistan in the future. Waqar as a Coach has to rise above and act as a father figure in the dressing room,” he said while talking to a private news channel.

Shoaib said there are many ways of dealing with players, some stars need to be given respect, some need to be dealt with arm around the shoulder etc. “These are all part of a coach’s management skills and I hope a cricket savvy like Waqar will be able to help Pakistan win in the future,” he said.

Shoaib said Waqar should know how to take the best out of each player for example, get the best from Afridi for T20 or the best from Misbah in ODIs.

Shoaib said in late 80s, a lot of older players were asked to leave and Imran Khan made a new team out of it and they proved winners. “The coach can throw out any player he wishes but he has to show good results after doing that,” he said.

Former batsman Muhammad Yousaf said Waqar should treat players as his younger brothers as a coach’s criticism can destroy the player’s self-esteem. “I hope Waqar doesn’t repeat the mistakes of the past. Waqar should do what is needed to benefit Pakistan,” he said.

Yousaf said Waqar should treat his players in the same was as he wanted his Coach to treat him in the past.

Speaking of the 2015 World Cup, he said Shahid Afridi should be captain for the mega event. “Afridi is not a batsman but just his bowling and aggression in his attitude is enough to qualify him as a leader,” he said.