TDAP to give focus on export of Agro Food sectors

ISLAMABAD: The Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TDAP), Agro Food Division has geared up by the S.M Muneer, Chief Executive TDAP and Ms.Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary, in order to focus on the export of Agro Food sectors including Kinno, Mango, Rice, Meat and Sea Food products.

“These products are being promoted by the Agro Food Division by arranging participation of exporters in the world exhibitions and sending them abroad and inviting trade delegations. TDAP this year had sent rice to China and Chinese delegation also visited Pakistan in the last month for promotion of rice from Pakistan”, says a statement issued by the organization here.

The TDAP statement said that two special delegations visited Pakistan last month, one from Thailand for meeting rice exports and other from Malaysia with interest procurement of a number of items.

Pakistan being an agricultural country which is backbone of Economy of the country and constitutes 22% of National GDP and employees 44% of the labour foods of the country.

This is to be noted that Pakistan has a rich and vast natural resource base, covering various ecological and climatic zones; hence the country has great potential for producing all types of food commodities.

Agriculture has an important direct and indirect role in generating economic growth.

It is considered opinion of experts that Pakistan has a huge untapped potential for grabbing a significant share of the world agro-food exports.

The Agro Food Division at TDAP is focused on helping stimulate the export of agro-food products from Pakistan in order to achieve this potential.

Participation in nearly 10 international exhibitions annually is undertaken for this sector by the Agro Food Division.

Some significant exhibitions attended by our exporters include Gulf Food, World Food Moscow, Sial Food Fair, Anuga Food Fair. Some local exhibitions are also organized by the Division to showcase potential of our Agro Food Products.

The Division organizes exporters’ Delegation to potential importer countries of Pakistan agro-food products.

In recent years, some of the countries were visited by such delegations including Maldives, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Oman.

Similarly delegations of buyers are invited to visit Pakistan in order to see the potential and range of Pakistani Agro Food products.