Special force to be created to safeguard people from dengue

ISLAMABAD: The government has decided to create a special force to safeguard general public from deadly disease of dengue by holding special training workshops and all the private hospitals in Federal Capital would be included in this exercise.

All the private hospitals have been informed to nominate two persons from each category e.g. doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff for these workshops.

These workshops will take place at Pakistan Institute of Medical Science (PIMS), Federal Government Policy Clinic (FGPC), NIRM, District Health Officer (ICT) and Directorate of Capital Development Authority (CDA).

These workshops will commence from mid of May i.e. the current month, sources informed here on Wednesday.

The schedule has been provided to the respective hospitals for nominations as well as for making arrangements for holding workshops. It is pertinent to mention that as per directives of Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minister Punjab, Capital Administration and Development Department (CA&DD) has established a special cell, called `Federal
Coordination Cell’ (FCC) for Prevention and Control of Dengue (FCPCD) under the leadership of Raja Javed Ikhlas, Parliamentary Secretary, CA&DD.

This cell will monitor, coordinate and strengthen the efforts to eliminate the threat to general public from dengue and for the education of citizens of both the cities as to how they can protect themselves and their families.

This cell has adopted two pronged strategy to control spread of dengue fever.

On one hand it has started public awareness program through live entertainment shows at public places. These programs educate people through entertainment how to avoid spread of dengue mosquito and what to do if someone is infected by this virus.

On the other hand this cell is also arranging various training programs  for doctors, nurses, and paramedic staff with the help of The Prime Minister’s Special Initiative for Management of Dengue Fever and Pollen Allergy.

The five one-day workshops are aimed at how to handle emergency situations if dengue outbreak does take place and tips and tricks of how to handle emergency situations if dengue outbreak does take place.