Punjab: Seven persons diagnosed with Dengue virus

LAHORE: At least seven persons have been diagnosed with Dengue virus in Punjab areas, Aaj News reported.

According to the health authorities, the Punjab Govt. has issued 40 million rupees budget on immediate basis to solve this problem and facilitate the patients who are suffering from Dengue virus.

Meanwhile, a patient named Rabia, who is admitted in a private hospital in Rehman Pura was earlier diagnosed with Dengue virus, whereas now the total patients account to be seven.

According to the locals of Punjab areas, the Govt. on immediate basis should spray in the dengue affected areas.

Meanwhile, the Govt. issued a budget of 40 million rupees to buy proper machines, which are used to spray the medicine in the dengue affected areas. The health authorities, from this budget will purchase 68 fogging machines and 102 sprays.

On the other hand, the doctors claimed that dengue virus in emitting on it’s pace, whereas they also issued a brochure, which carried the symptoms of dengue virus. The brochure mentioned that from this particular virus, a patient can suffer from extreme high fever, continuous headache, and diarrhea. The patients suffering from these symptoms for more than two days are requested to go for an immediate checkup to the nearest hospital.

It is pertinent to know that 300 people earlier lost their lives in the year 2011 because of the dengue virus.