Proving your competencies is not an injustice norm

by Sumaira Shiraz Alwani

What if it is a democratic society… Do we really cut off ourselves from the world or we stop interacting with the world or something else only because of the world being democratic comes in to hinder our living criteria or routine.

Yes! Our society in real is a democratic place, where a women indeed is not allowed to share her feelings at an utmost level. Yes! This society is bounded with rules and norms, which men or women have to follow within their understanding. And of course it’s a male dominating society. Either it’s a professional or a personal life, people are bounded within this society.

The forcefulness of this dominating society actually depends upon the power a person possess. If we talk about a professional scenario; Yes! females are considered to earn less than men and if we try to find out why, the first and foremost reason we will come up would be the comparison of men’s versus women’s competences. Every time wherever a woman will go, her competences will be compared to the men, she has to work with or on his behalf.

Talking about personal life, where a women tackle’s her house all day all night, work like a machine. No doubt, they are considered grateful. They are appreciated for that work by most of the men, but in the last she will be with less power authority, if some important decision has to be taken.

The ’21st century’ era in which we live today is claimed to be open minded, but along with this open mindedness, the superiority clause will always be on the side of men. It’s because the culture, society and terms we have always been living in has a fixed rule.

Women particularly would thinks this as an injustice law of the society. Oh yes! They can, this is their right. They can absolutely think this way, but with it can we change the norm of the society or the norm of the world in which we live in.

No! In real we can’t and that does not mean to abandon your thoughts, wishes and rights for a man you are surrounded with. No! That’s not the righteous way. Always keep on fighting for you rights. Bad and awry things can never turn out good. But always keep this thing in mind whether the superior power is of a man, no matter if he is considered more than you, you are the one who has to fit herself in his place. We have to prove. That’s a norm of living a life.

Some readers might think that its an unrightful thing to always keep on proving men and society for making our place within their surrounding. No! It’s not bad or unrightful. Consider this in a positive way. Make them believe you are competent enough which is why you are there around them or at their place. If you prove them, that won’t cause you but will make the democratic society believe that you are proficient and deserving enough for which they are accepting you in their life.

Either it’s men or women, every body makes his or her place for a better accommodation and lifestyle, no matter if it’s in professional or personal life. Don’t ignore this democratic society. Live your lifestyle by keeping in mind that proving at every stage is more superior, because you are capable of it and you are achieving everything on your own circumstances.