Prime Minister to visit Iran this week

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will visit Iran next week to discuss bilateral relations, regional situation and to promote economic and trade ties.

Foreign Office Spokesperson while giving details of the forthcoming visit of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Iran said, “We are looking forward to the visit of the Prime Minister and his meetings with the Iranian leadership.”

She said, “We hope that this visit will be very constructive and will open up more avenues of cooperation between the two countries.”

The Spokesperson said there would be discussions on specific proposals regarding economic cooperation and regional issues that are of interest to both Pakistan and Iran.

“The visit is very important from our point of view and we believe it is equally important from the point of view of Iran,” said the spokesperson.

She said bilateral consultations at the Foreign Secretary level were held and Adviser Sartaj Aziz also went to Iran and met the Iranian leadership.

She said the visit of Iran’s Interior Minister was scheduled. The spokesperson said the Iranian Interior Minister, during his visit to Pakistan, delivered the formal letter of invitation and held wide-ranging talks at the Ministry of Interior with his counterpart.

He called on the Prime Minister and also met the Adviser Sartaj Aziz. All aspects of relationship came under discussion including the issue of terrorism which both the countries confront and it was discussed how both the countries can increase their cooperation.

About Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, the spokesperson said the project would be discussed during the visit of Prime Minister to Iran.

She said unlike the perceptions that are sometimes generated, the Pipeline project has not been scrapped. It is very much on the table, she added.