Police arrests the man suspected to kill his two nephews

ISLAMABAD: A man identified as Nadim have been arrested on a suspect to kill his two nephews, Mehr Ali, 11 and Qadir, 4, whereas injuring one other nephew Zain, 7 by cutting off their throats.

According to the reports, Nadim took three of his nephews for a trip to Muree, where he allegedly slitted their throats with a sharp knife, due to which two of the nephews Mehr Ali and Qadir were reported dead and Zain was reported injured. The bodies of the Mehr and Qadir were recovered from a jungle, whereas injured Zain was recovered by some police officials near a check post.

Meanwhile, police conducted a raid after the registration of the incident, in regard to which they found Nadim during a raid and arrested him. He will be presented in the court in Abbottabad on Friday (today).

The motive behind the brutal killing of two children, which were his own nephews is yet to be known, whereas the grandfather of the nephews claimed that he and his family had no enmity with him.

It is pertinent to know that Nadim, on April 14 took his three nephews Mehr, Qadir and Zain for a trip to Muree from Havelian Tehsil in Abbottabad. He brutally slitted thier throats and threw them in the jungle.